Tany Heart

Tany Heart is a Denver based lead singer whose name and talent were the basis for the creation of HeartStoppers. She has amassed an extraordinary group of musicians and rocks the house with her dynamic vocal style, and personality. Her energy is infectious, and she routinely injects that energy into her audiences. Since she was a toddler, Tany has always had a tune in her head and a song in her heart. From that love of music, Tany blossomed into the incredible singer, songwriter, guitar and harmonica player she is today. Watch for the dozens of original songs she has written and performed. Find Tany Heart and the HeartStoppers on stages all over Denver and the Front Range. You’ll be glad you did!

Never in my life could I have ever dreamt that I would have the supreme honor of playing and creating such fantastic music with these incredibly talented musicians and all around stellar folks. I absolutely love and adore my band family, for we are more than just a band, we are tied together with love and dedication. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of HeartStoppers and believe fully in the approach of us being all equal with no ego. With all walks of life, knowledge, talent and ages beautifully blended into a solid unit, I believe that there are no limits as to what the universe has to offer to us, we have the passion to make it happen!