Guy Keith

Guy started playing orchestral upright bass at age ten when he was in the fifth grade in Shreveport, Louisiana. He continued playing bass until his junior year of high school, at which time he transitioned to playing big-band jazz on electric bass. He has been a part of gigging bands ever since. Styles of music you will hear from Guy now range from classical to jazz to blues to funk to soul to light rock to western to heavy metal to country to punk to gospel. He truly enjoys it all and plays with the purpose of solidifying the elements of the band.

Guy spends his days running Summit Service Coffee and Beverage ( Known as "Guy, the Coffee Guy," he provides excellence in-office breakroom beverage service on the north front range in the Fort Collins/Loveland/Greeley tri-city area.

Guy's idea of the perfect day has three aspects: 1. Snowboarding all morning (he rides a Never Summer), 2. Taking a short nap, and, 3. Playing live music into the night!

Personal message from Guy:

It is my hope that when the HeartStoppers play for your event that you get the best musical experience possible. We have a blast doing it and this energy easily transfers to the HeartStoppers fans, new and old.