Dr. David Dunbar

David is a founding member of HeartStoppers and plays keys and sings leads and backups on a few songs. He is also the band leader, which means he handles the music side of things like song set lists, running rehearsals, etc.

Music has been the foundation of David's life and work, and in 2017 he graduated from the University of Arizona with a doctorate in music (DMA). HeartStoppers is not David's full-time work; he is the Director of Music at First United Methodist Church in Loveland, Colorado. He hopes that someday he and his fellow bandmates might be able to make a living together as a band.

If you would like to contact Dr. Dunbar, or learn more about his endeavors, feel free to stop by his website at www.DunbarArts.com

Personal message from David:

Greetings, and welcome to HeartStoppers' Official Website! It has been an honor playing with all my amazing and talented friends in this band. They are all incredible musicians and it shows in their dedication and love for the music we play together. If you are looking for a really cool, laid-back, no-drama band to play your next big event, I hope you will think of HeartStoppers. Let the music play on!