Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew has been playing drums since age four or so. There was never a choice for him: it was always drums. He remembers his childhood through the Sixties, watching drummers on TV with the Laurence Welk Band, the Hollywood Palace, and the Ed Sullivan Show (among others). He once told his dad, who was always his biggest supporter, I'm Gonna do that some day, so his dad had him sitting in with all the local Mexican wedding bands at age ten. His first paying band gig was at twelve, at which point he was already playing jazz standards and fusion charts, which were way ahead of their time. Andrew was always first chair through elementary, middle and high school, and had played at the Reno International Jazz Festival three times by the age of eighteen. He played with a worship band and cut a CD in the early 2000s, and continues to play with a contemporary christian group to this day. Finally, while waiting patiently for the right fit, HeartStoppers was formed, and Andrew found his place of absolute joy: being able to bring so many popular songs to life, and from so many genres; like any drummer worth his weight in salt should be able to do!, as he puts it.

Personal message from Andrew:

It's a pleasure to be the guy behind The Toys for the Heartstoppers! They are all true professionals; I am so flattered and proud that they chose me. The feeling I get when we play songs the way they were recorded, and intended to be played, is very gratifying, and the brotherhood and sisterhood that we share is truly second to none! Believe it or not, without hesitation, we always hug and kiss and say I love you when we leave a session. My wish is for this ride to last for a long long time, and to share our music with many more audiences to come.